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You’re about to learn the best & most helpful photo hacks ever! Learn how to pose and edir your images like a pro!; )

This is actually the number of hacks you may need to use on any given day! We’re all sort of addicted to our smartphones, so we might aswell use it for the own benefit! Here we go!: )There are a great deal of different helpful hacks within your smartphone’s configurations you may have got no idea concerning, such as earphones remote shutter release, water get rid of macro contact lens, white list reflector, pantyhose portrait softener, sunglasses filtration system, underwater casing, flashlight divulguer, racing video game gadget. So i am gonna teach you how to make extremely stylish in addition to handy smartphone cases too! You can use classic ties, simple or color-changing nail gloss, feathers, stuff gun, bathing room hooks, watch strip and even preparing mold! Incidentally, you can make watching optical confusion yourself, that may be hologram in your smartphone! Enjoy, my friends!

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two to three: 52 Seatbelt sling
six: 28 Drinking water drop macro lens
seven: 11 The right way to pose effectively

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