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could take instagram pics without any help 📸

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Come with me on the vlog model instagram photoshoot adventure! foot. balancing the cameras in random items so I do not get kicked to using a tripod, avoiding uneasy eye contact by using strangers, and lastly, some real tips on how to have instagram image by yourself, which include equipment, appearing, photo make up, locations, together with lighting

Elizabeth Q Oughout I L M Y N Capital t
➭ digital camera:
➭ lens:
➭ videos camera:
➭ bendy tripod:
➭ microphone:
➭ editing: last cut expert

O You T Farrenheit I Capital t S
➭ star necklace around your neck: en route ( + work with code BESTDRESSED for twenty percent off
➭ white dress up: forever twenty one (
➭ pearl boots and shoes: forever 21 years old (similar:,
➭ platform shoes: dolce vita (
➭ tan coat: thrifted
➭ white from the shoulder plant top: dollskill (similar:
➭ gingham skirt: asos (
➭ peplum bed and bath blouse: downtown outfitters
➭ paper man cap: downtown outfitters (

F The Q
what is your name? ashley
how old are you? 30
how extra tall are you? 5’5″
what racial are you? one half british plus half burmese
what appliances do you use for film?
➭ camera:
➭ zoom lens:
➭ vlog digicam:
➭ mic:
➭ croping and editing: final trim pro

FTC: not paid